Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A wonderful little gift and charity pattern!

It is a week since I received a wonderful little gift, this gift was so special that I don't think anything else could top it!

This gift was given to my daughter Naomi and her wonderful partner Dan to be shared by all the family. This gift is so perfect in every way.  This gift spreads complete happiness and this gift is Imogen Grace Brewer born on the 14th October 2013 at 3.52 am.

Being a new doting Grandma (I prefer Nanny Crochet!), I have had my hook out, those pesky 'ready made' mitts they bought her, keep falling off her dainty little hands and that just won't do!  I have created a simple design that can be altered as she grows and used yarn which is machine washable, Yay!  I want to share this design and future designs for Imogen with everyone.  So here's the plan........You have probably noticed that Imogen has a cleft lip, rather than go into great detail about clefts, check out CLAPA a fantastic organisation that supports parents and carers of babies, children and young adults with clefts.  Being first time parents obviously Naomi and Dan didn't have a clue about clefts and to be fair nor did any of us, but with the help of their Midwife team, the Addenbrooks Hospital Cleft team and CLAPA they have received amazing advice and support, we cannot thank them enough.  
Appalling photo but no sooner made whipped away by Imogen
So as a little thank you I thought it would be nice to set up a just giving page called 'Imogen's Wardrobe' and as and when I design for my gorgeous granddaughter I will post up the pattern for FREE (See 'Imogen's Wardrobe' page for link), but if you are feeling generous a donation would be much appreciated.  This donation will go to a fantastic charity and its my way of saying thank you!
Until next time....Nicky xx

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  1. That's so lovely of you, Nicky! Glad everyone's fit and well and happy. B x