Friday, September 27, 2013

Guest Blogger Kylie.....Just Lush!

My mum keeps getting all these packages with strange woolly contents, it really is quite irritating!
Just lounging!
I wouldn't mind if she let me play with them but she won't let me touch!
Hope she didn't see me?
 She gets very nervous if I show any interest in her woolly toys.
Technically I am guarding it!
A couple of weeks ago this arrived, its called Luzia by Louisa Harding.  Mum gave me that look, .... the look that means "keep well away from this, its lush and you are not allowed to touch".  It reminds me of a 'tribble', you know those strange creatures from vintage Star Trek episodes! I hasten to add that I am only two years old but Mum told me about them!
'Tribble' yarn
I can't tell you what she made but she said that "the yarn does all the work"!!!! "It was gorgeous to work with, gentle on the hands".  She used a big hook too, so no sooner had she received the furry ball monster, then she was posting the finished 'fluffy thing' off to a magazine that she does designs for!  I guess the pattern will be available soon?

My impersonation of Bruce Forsyth!
In the meantime I have managed to model the swatch!  It is really soft  to the touch and she included it and some leftovers when she played 'Kylie Jenga' the other day which is one of her favourite things to do!!!!!!

Anyway, off to do funny dog things, which I also like to do!

Love hanging upside down!
Until next time.......Kylie xx

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