Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bad blogger...!!!!!

When I say 'Bad blogger' I mean me, I have been really lax on the blogging front and I need to remedy it now.  I confess I haven't finished my bag because I keep starting other projects.

Nearly there!!!
I am using Sublime Chunky Merino Tweed in a gorgeous shade Forage, to join the squares I am using a simple double crochet  technique,  this makes the stitch stand proud from the squares in a contrasting colour, Roebuck.  Next job will be to choose some lining fabric, I have a large fabric stash, will delve into that for inspiration.

Spring?? erm........NO!

I was hoping that Spring might finally be in the air! I swear I saw little beams of sunshine poking through the clouds last week.  This made me very happy I actually got to cycle to work, well for  a couple of days anyway!  I noticed that the daff's and crocus have come up too this cold spell can't be much fun for them.  Anyway all this talk of warmer weather and flowers got me thinking crochet flowers are way overdue.

Watch this space!
Blogger's - I do like to check out other bloggers and found amongst many this great little blog called According to Matt, I urge you to check it out, great ideas and nice patterns definitely worth a look. 

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  1. Love your crochet flower. I already follow Matt - which is very disconcerting because his and Denis's stuff make you weep with envy that anyone could be that GOOD!!