Monday, December 17, 2012

Hampstead Wreath!

I am lucky enough to know the wonderful Belinda Boaden of TrueBritKnits, all round fabulous designer, and good egg. When she developed her design Hampstead Wreath I was very envious.  I really wanted one!  I downloaded the pattern,  I can knit, but I am a little slow, I would probably have it ready by March!    Its for charity and told my mum about it hoping she may offer to knit it for me, no such luck!
So as luck would have it I had nothing to worry about because Belinda who is super nice whipped one up for me.  Can you imagine the anticipation I was really excited about receiving the wreath, 'such fun' (a la Miranda), I couldn't wait to decorate it. I busied myself preparing for the arrival whipping up poinsettias and chose greens and golds for the pompoms. 
It arrived on Friday and I found it very difficult not to immediately get stuck in, I found some time on Saturday and set to work, it was so worth the wait I did have 'such fun', I am so pleased with it.  
My version may seem sparse to some but I didn't want the cable to disappear under a myriad of pompoms and such like!  So I kept the decoration minimal and this is what I came up with, I absolutely love it:

So big thanks to B xx, until next time.......Nicky xx

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