Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Crochet!

Two items on the hook and a finished gift to send:

I forgot about this little number because I had put it to one side for posting.  This was designed with a particular little lady in mind, she is delightful and full of life, a real bright spark, inquisitive and intelligent and her name is Scarlett.  So this little hat and scarf set is named after her.  The motif is inspired by her sparkly personality.  She is a dream to crochet for, it gives me such joy because I know that she really does wear my little gifts and her mum is constantly encouraging  and always makes me feel good about my dalliance into the world of crochet design.  Pattern will be available on Ravelry soonish!!!!

Daniel Scarf
I have Daniel on the hook which is aptly named after its soon to be recipient, (my daughters BF).  I need to crack on with this little number to have it ready for Christmas day.  It is an easy project, two colour moss crochet stitch, '1dc, 1ch repeat', a much used stitch pattern, quick and easy to master and effective in finish.  Pattern will be available on Ravelry shortly.

Finally, Arwen my Christmas day tunic that will probably not be ready to wear, grrrr.... I must find some time to get it finished, pattern will be available.... not sure when actually!

Until next time......Nicky xx


  1. Oh my.
    So excited to see Scarlett's present before she does ;-)
    You are my MOST talented friend xxxx