Thursday, September 13, 2012

V&A Day

Been looking foward to to this day for a while now. Meeting up with my friend and fabulous designer TrueBritKnits for a visit to the V&A.

So inspiring, love visiting the V&A especially with such good company, as per usual didn't take many photo's but here are the pics I did take.  

This first group are a selection of Middle Eastern Tiles and plaques love the colours and detail, unfortunately the pictures do not capture the vibrancy of the colours. 

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This is a knitted piece it was so intricate, don't ask me how old, I get lost in the exhibits and forget important things like dates!

Embroidery, breathtaking! Again wish I had taken more pics, but the pieces are so much better in the flesh, as it were.

Think this was part of a Tudor jacket the central panel was so intricate.

The detail on these tree's were amazing such depth.
These are just pictures of exhibits that I needed to capture, they just had the 'Oooo' factor!

These  'mahoosive' pillars were so detailed, we were standing on the 1st floor balcony to give you an idea of their size.

Wonderfully colourful
We also were lucky enough to see the Heatherwick exhibition and the Ballgowns, we had zip issues!

Anyway it was much more exciting being there than my pictures really convey. Had a brilliant day.

Until next time......Nicky xx

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  1. Now I am inspired too! Thanks for shareing.