Monday, July 2, 2012


Having been surrounded by rolling landscape, craggy hills and stone walls whilst on holiday in the peaks.

Rolling hills with light and shade

Rough stone walls built in a time honoured fashion

Lady Bower dam high rain fall creates the massive overflow

The opening to the Devils Arse Castleton craggy rock face

This has inspired me to look at crochet textures.  Subtle textures like alternated dc's and trebles, dc's and ch's, ss's, ftlp and blp sts etc... 

Think I'll play around see what I can come up with.  The joy of crochet, "big sigh"!  Best get my designing cap on.
I am taken with a couple of Sublime yarns Lustrous extrafine DK and Chunky Merino Tweed,   I have played around and came up with a 'mishmash' swatch with the merino tweed 

and  the Lustrous yarn is quite something, just look at the fabric you can create, 

the sheen of the yarn is stunning, (difficult to see in this picture).  So with this in mind, off to create warm and comfy accessories for Winter.
Until next time.......Nicky x

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