Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nation of Dog Lovers

We Brits truly are  a nation of dog lovers, couldn't count on my fingers how many dogs I saw out today.  
We went to Monsal Head there were Morris Dancers performing outside the pub, all a bit much for Kylie, she wasn't sure whether to bark at them or run away.  
We quickly headed off down the very steep path towards the viaduct.

On the way down we bumped into some very tired looking walkers with there equally exhausted dogs.  Our two were full of beans so trotted down at high speed taking in all the twists and turns and nearly pulling us over with it. 
We walked across the viaduct to fabulous views,

following the route as seen in the picture above, we couldn't have wished for better weather the sun was shining but it wasn't too hot just right for walking.

We had a dodgy moment walking through the middle of some cows I wasn't sure how Kylie would react as she has never really seen cows that close, but she was fine  sticking very close to me.

After a little way we stopped for a well earned rest and had a little picnic sitting on a 'grassy knoll' whilst DH did his 'man pointing at nothing in particular catalogue pose'!

Me and the dogs just watched him with great amusement!

We continued walking watching as the river slowed and then rushed by, we had to keep an eye on Chester, he is particularly fond of a dip.
However he did manage to catch us off guard and launched himself into the water, closely followed by Kylie who landed right on top, submerging him. We retrieved  Kylie quickly as she had her long lead on, but had a struggle getting Chester out, one very wet, panicked Labrador who promptly shook himself all over us when we rescued him, that's gratitude for you!

Anyway we eventually found out way back probably looking just like those people we saw on the way down, but we had a lovely time and drove back to 'base camp'.

Off to the local pub tonight for tea, where dogs are welcome too.  God help them, they haven't met Kylie before!

Tomorrow we are off to Chatsworth, dogs welcomed again in the grounds, they have some amazing sculptures and I am trying to wrangle leaving  the pooches with DH so I can go inside the house too.  

Until next time............Nicky x


  1. Oh! Monsal Head and Monsal Dale. Favourite days out when I was little (and I adore Matlock Bath). I fell in the river Monsal Dale when I was small!

  2. They have now opened up the tunnel at Monsal Head, its quite wet, dark so only went halfway, dogs started freaking. N