Thursday, June 14, 2012

Glorious Sunshine and Stunning Views

So today was our last full day on holiday.  We were recommended Mam Tor in the Hope Valley, for a good walk and spectacular views.  We weren't disappointed.

Catalogue Man Contemplating Pose!

When we sat down for our lunch we had to chuckle as the wind kept blowing the dogs ears about it was very funny.
(for some reason I started taking sepia shots of Kylie my phone has a mind of its own)!

Chester's ears had a mind of their own in the wind
Anyway tomorrow we come home and back to reality, have only managed to do one little sketch which is the view from our cottage.

Will miss our little base camp it has been delightful and the people that own it are wonderful.  Definitely a great place to stay and highly recommend it.

Until next time.........Nicky x

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  1. Love your sketch! It has been windy here too, Iman disgusted (as usual) because it ruffles her fur. She is such a diva.