Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Charting Crochet..Whatever next!!!!

Just before Christmas I happened upon a software designer advertising his wares on Ravelry, which caught my eye.
I love all aspects of crochet and Brian Milco has designed the perfect software to create your own crochet charts!!!!  Generally, I think most charts are created on Adobe Illustrator?  I welcome any confirmation about this?  
Brian's download which is crochet only software, Stitchworks Software, is quite simple to use.  If you go to his site he has trial versions to download, if you want a taster, which I highly recommend, and the total cost for the software download if you go ahead, is very reasonable.  One of the most important factors is that if you have any problems or questions Brian is very good at responding promptly with easy to understand advice, 'non techy speak'.  So just for you, see below a little example motif, this is one of the first ones I done, I hasten to add that I have tided my technique up a little since.  I am working on a full pattern for this, so watch this space and do check out the software.

Until next time .............. Nicky xx


  1. very impressive but I am afraid I am not a chart person at all,,,

  2. Yep, I wasn't sure but am a total convert, verging on geek status!!! Has book arrived? N xx

  3. I might have to check it out, I create my own patterns, but rarely write them down; not good. I use a Mac, so it's nice to see that's supported.

    1. Give it a go it is a little tricky at first but once you work out your own method its great to have as a tool. Enjoy N x

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