Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Recommended Crochet Reads

So thought I might share my favorite crochet books with everyone, these books being reference or encyclopedic, (channeling my inner geek). Enjoying this particular format, I use them for design and reference.  Here they are:

I recommend them all for inspiration and picking up new techniques.

Check out this blog post highlighted via Planet Handmade, if you are a polite, well mannered person with ethics and morals it makes perfect sense!   Until next time.....Nicky xx


  1. Some lovely book there. I'm sadly selling my Doris Chan's Crochet Lace Innovations because it's just out of my crochet league.It is a fantastic book but needs to be appreciated by someone more accomplished than me!That's not a hint by the way, just a detail! Granny Squares and various forms of Bunting are about my strength right now!
    What a brilliant article that was and very well written.
    What you working on right now?

  2. Working on some designs for a mag, a baby hat mitt combo, and I am trying to decide on a texture for a long tank top I have some aran that's itching to be used up. Hope you are well? Try ebay or Amazon to get rid of the book. I have it already, lol!

  3. Thanks for sharing these Nicki xx

  4. Your welcome Heike, hope they are of use.xx

  5. Anonymous19.3.12

    Thanks Nicki, :)