Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I am now Channelling Soup!

When it snows or gets extra cold I always love a bowl of piping hot soup and crusty bread.
I love soup, as much as my good friend Belinda, she is my soup making guru! 

I recently spent a lovely day in the big smoke with her and she made Celeriac and Apple soup, odd sounding I know, but oh so delicious, erm still waiting for the recipe B......cough, cough!  

Last weekend I felt like being creative in the kitchen, for those who know me, I hate cooking, I find it totally uninspiring and quite boring.  I enjoy baking, but my ever expanding tummy could do with less of that.  I was perusing our local Tesco when I happened upon some fresh coriander and thought to myself how easy would it be to make 'Carrot and Coriander soup', my favorite soup of all.  I decided then and there to set myself a challenge promptly bought all the ingredients in bulk, went home and peeled, chopped, boiled and blended and can proudly say I made enough soup for 8 servings, well to be fair I have had four of those already so, erm......4 servings.  The point of my little blog today is now I have actually found something else I enjoy making, SOUP, so watch this space I will be attempting, courgette and potato on Saturday, unusual I know but interesting  nonetheless.

For some cracking and simple recipes if you are not a member of the 'throw it all together and see what happens club' go to BBC Food and just put in Soup and an interesting ingredient into the search box and see what it comes up with!

Until next time.......Nicky xx
PS: (Will take pics next time)

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  1. Oh, SORRY! This afternoon! Promise!

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