Saturday, November 12, 2011

innocent Big Knit, Hats on the Shelves Now!

Well if you wondered what I do at work click on the links and take a look at the following blogs: thehifashionsite, iwantyoutoknow, pinkbow, rachelphipps and prettymuchpenniless. I am in charge of the embroidery, crochet and fiddly bits creating the finished hat. Juliet Bernard does the main hat knitting.  
The bloggers were asked to design a hat, from their drawing, we created a large and a small version for each of them,  it was so much fun.  The main aim of the actual Big Knit campaign is to raise money for Age UK a home grown charity, helping elderly people in the UK.  If you buy a be-hatted smoothie bottle from Sainsburys, Waitrose or Boots, innocent donate 25p towards Age UK.  
We also come up with designs for fellow knitters and crocheters to use for FREE on our Ravelry sites Juliet is the knitting queen check out her free patterns and I came up with some crochet designs, without realising, themed to one of my favourite Johnny Depp films, Alice in Wonderland.

P.S. I actually do work on other things too, just wanted to share the innocent project as its home grown and such a wonderful campaign to work on.  Until next time ..... Nicky xx

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