Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Week of Highs & Lows

Well its that time again, Knitting and Stitching show Ally Pally. I'll be there nice and early, hoping that lots of knitters bring along blankets or squares for the Refuge campaign, this years nominated charity for The Knitter and Simply Knitting. I'll be with some of the lovely ladies from the magazines, Juliet and Mim to name but a few.  I've been hooking up a couple of crochet 'fillers', to squeeze in, we will have yarn, scissors and tapestry needles, if you want to come along and join in with the stitching you are more than welcome.   I know I keep harping on about it but it is such a great campaign and we have raised over and above the target on the justgiving site where you can download a free ebook of blanket square patterns.

Finally finished  Mad Hatter hat, definitely going to do some more! 
Would help if I wrote up the pattern first!

Finally with much sadness I had to take my little Misty to the Vets on Saturday, she was in her 20th year and very frail, so I will leave you with some pictures of her in happier times, RIP little duchess.

Until next time..... Nicky xx

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  1. Hi Nicky...lucky you going to the K&S show
    Never seen a Sophie piece for real but hoping too one day for now though yep exactly what l thought variegated sock yarns, working a treat
    Hope you had lots of fun at the show, are you going to share any pictures?
    Hugs Suz x