Monday, October 24, 2011

Birthday Weekend in Holland.

So this weekend was spent in Holland celebrating my birthday with some special friends who I haven't seen in ages took lots of pics and had a wonderful time.  I didn't realise that Holland was so close 45mins, no sooner had I had a cup of tea and a 5 minute snooze on the plane, we had arrived.  We packed so much into our weekend.
Amsterdam on Friday afternoon, stunning city but had to watch out for trams, cycles and cars it was a little dodgy.
The houses are amazing so picturesque:

The second day we went to the beach and had a bracing walk and a lovely lunch at a beach side cafe.


We went out Saturday night for a lovely meal to a great little restaurant in Haarlem, a really quaint old fashioned town, cobbled paths, little bars and boutiques and an amazing cathedral.

Sunday was a lazy family day of backgammon and TV with the odd glass of red wine thrown in.  We had a fabulous time and now I know that Hoofddorp is a stones throw away, I am definitely going to visit a whole lot more.
Until next time...............Nicky xx


  1. Looks as if you had a great weekend, lovely photos...thanks for sharing Hx

  2. Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY....Looks like you all had a great weekend, we went on a mini cruise to Holland a few years ago a lovely city Amsterdam
    Hugs xx