Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ally Pally Woop,Woop!

Had a fabulous time at Ally Pally, albeit working.  I spent a lot of time sewing together squares to make blankets for Refuge lots of generous ladies turned up with blankets and squares, it was quite simply amazing. I'm sure Mim at Simply Knitting will blog all about it.  She took some great photos too of the mountain of blankets we had received for the campaign.  I wanted to share some pictures with you but my 'crappy' phone decided it would run out of battery again, grr.  I worked out how to transfer my phone images over to my laptop well my technical wizz of a daughter did in the end, hurrah!!!

The first is a Beautiful baby blanket in granny squares made from various sock yarn, photo doesn't do it justice.  The second a gorgeous knitted blanket from the Frome knitters, I think, and the last a simple stocking stitch blanket, but at the join they had used a white yarn in a running stitch which made it really stand out.  All of the blankets collected will be going to a child or women who is effected by domestic violence these blankets are sometimes the only possessions they have when they first arrive at the Refuge hostels and they are theirs for life, so no better way to show you care.
I sought out the lovely Doris Chan, my crochet guru, and went a bit school girl dizzy! I gushed stupidly got her to sign two of her books, which I had actually purchased.  I am so embarrassed, can't even remember what I said, never been quite that silly before, lol!

Met up with the lovely Emma and we both went and found Jane Crowfoot to see if she had any 'sneek peeks' of her 2012 crochet club, she had a beautiful sample, I shopped Emma to Jane, she is working on February too, we were inspired by the finished project for 2011 which Jane had on display, so as we've been slacking, its now full steam ahead to get 2011 finished.  Emma also showed me her little cross stitch kit, spurred on I went and got one for myself.  

I use to cross stitch many years ago so another hobby I'm going to revisit.
I finally happened upon some yarn quite by accident, it was the colours that caught my attention gorgeous soft ice cream colours,Merino and Alpaca Willow yarn from Texere, they were just crying out to be bought!  I have already started a cushion cover Xmas pressie in Granite Stitch such exciting yarn.

I'm off to Harrogate Knitting and Stitching in November just need to save up some money now because I know I just won't be able to resist buying lots more goodies.
Until next time ..............Nicky xx


  1. Lovely blankets and good to hear Ally Pally was a success :) x

  2. The cushion looks lovely x