Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sentimental Blanket and Time for a Trim!

A little while ago a friend of mine found out her daughter was pregnant, one of the things her daughter wanted for imminent baby was a crochet blanket similar to the one she had when she was a child.   So I received a photo of said blanket:

Kirstie is expecting a boy, so sent me a list of the colours she wanted and in which order.  I found some of the colours in my Stylecraft Special DK stash,  but have had to order 3 other colours. I started anyway and the blanket rapidly grew, unfortunately had to stop when I got to one of the ordered colours as still awaiting delivery.  Stylecraft Special DK comes in so many colours, it is also 'throw in the washing machine washable,' so works really well for babies, and is affordable too:

I'm sure I will have plenty of yarn left over to make some extra bits and bobs as a surprise, this is so much fun!

On another matter, dear Kylie, bless her, has been looking a little scruffy recently, we call her fur ball!  DH, took it upon himself to organise a hair cut for her, and this is the result.  Hope you enjoy the pics? I have done before and after shots!  Until next time........ Nicky xx


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  1. She needs to hurry up and grow that fur again soon, it's pretty damp and cold up here today x