Friday, July 15, 2011

Dog Days and Fridays!

Dedicating this post to my pooches.  Firstly the good news is that Chester my Labrador retriever is okay, that is £800 worth of vets bills later!  Basically he has an inflammation on his epiglottis that is causing him to struggle breathing and is now on a course of anti-inflammatory's, this was probably caused by his incessant chewing of sticks, which are now banned.  Easier said than done!
Kylie is really testing us!  She has learnt to use furniture as stepping stones to get to anything she wants, for example my beautiful Sun flowers bought for me last week, I walked into the back room and she was sitting on the dining table with a bright yellow petal hanging from her mouth and surrounded by yellow petals!!! She looked very cute, but knew she had been naughty.  She now also manages to leap over the fence we built to keep her off the grass in our back garden, so our patio now has odd objects blocking her access to the fence and to deter her from leaping over it!  Kylie has also discovered Rabbits and Rabbit holes, it is hilarious when we go walking, hopefully these pictures will give you an idea, her tail is like a marker all she needs is a flag on the end.
Apologies for quality of pics taken on my phone.

Kylie has also decided that it is not good for Chester to play with sticks too, as these pictures demonstrate!

With her ever growing coat of thick black spaniel/poodle hair I did worry that Kylie would overheat in this hot weather, we have found a solution to that!  Drowned rat springs to mind!
Well until next time...... Nicky xx


  1. aaah! spoilt rotten just like my cats
    Glad to hear Chester is ok even if you're purse in't! lol
    Hugs x

  2. The good thing is that dogs, just like toddlers, will grow up one day. It might take 6 years though!!! ;))