Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bargain Find!

As previously mentioned my DH and I do like to visit a car boot we always manage to come away with lots of thrifty finds and an awful lot of rubbish.  I declined a visit to the local car boot this weekend as busy doing some crochet bits.  Anyway about 2 hours later my DH decided to come home and had bought me this wondeful item full of interesting pieces.  It belonged to the sellers gran who had sadly passed away, so had lots of sentimental value, he was delighted to hear that it would be going to a good home.
 Filled with my collection of cottons

 Some old tools, some being hooks and I think an old fabric cutter 
 A tiny tin of even tinier reels of cotton.

 Old school reels of cotton.

Also have been busy putting up crochet designs for those little innocent hats on Ravelry, these include, basic double, treble and a granny crochet hat, also added a little White Rabbit design.

There are also some great little knitted versions available too.
I also had my kiddies summer dress published in Simply Knitting issue 82 which was very exciting.

I don't know what it is about this week but my brain is buzzing with crochet ideas so I have been sketching furiously.

Finally Chester my Labrador Retriever has been a little poorly,  a mass has been found so lots of test swabs etc... have been sent away we now have to wait for the results, Kylie seems to sense he is not 100% and has been pussy footing around him and giving him extra snuggles and licks, bless her.  So fingers crossed.  
Until next time.....Nicky xx.


  1. It's not a fabric cutter (if you mean the spiky wheel thing), it's for tracing patterns onto paper from garments when you want to copy a garment. Or shape. Or whatever.

    Lovely box though, lucky you having it brought home for you! B x x

  2. Ooo, even better Belinda thanks for that I am sure I can find a use for it. Nxx