Sunday, June 26, 2011

Delightful Weekend!

Had a lovely time this weekend just pottering round the house cleaning, crochet, dog walking and carbooting.
I love the car boot we visit its massive, we always come home with lots of bargains and also some rubbish!
I found this particularly gorgeous 'coral' coloured baking dish which I am really proud of this cost me the princely sum of £1!

We also bought some plants for the garden for the grand total of £2.50

My DH, along with my daughters BF brought two flashing pint jugs!!!! for 40p, why? I really don't know!

DH has been really busy in the garden recently he has been working on the decking and transforming the bottom of the garden to a place of peace and tranquillity.  He did all the decking and slabs himself, quite a dab hand don't you think?

We took Kylie out to a local stream Sunday evening after dinner as she hasn't seen running water yet, and as she likes nothing better than to stand under my hanging baskets when I am watering them we thought she might enjoy a paddle!  Here is the evidence!!!

So back to work Monday, busy week my lovely boys, Prom on Tuesday, school leavers day on Wednesday and day trip with school chums Thursday, only seems like yesterday I was packing him off to Secondary school how time flies.......................until next time!   Nicky xx


  1. the coral dish would look wonderful with greens or a salad...

  2. With feta, roasted peppers
    or hot chicken, yum,yum!

  3. Sounds as if you had a great w/e and are having a fab week ahead. Enjoy!! x