Saturday, May 7, 2011

Glorious Derbyshire!

I had such a lovely time in Derbyshire at the weekend, I always feel so happy when I visit Wingerworth, the village where my mother and stepfather live.  
I travelled up on Friday evening with my son and made good time arriving just after 6pm.  I had a nice wander round my mums garden I always enjoy doing that when I arrive its so lovely and peaceful, we spend a lot of time peering out of the back window, and watching the squirrels and birds, with 'Johnny Morris' type commentary from Ron, my stepdad.  My son is terribly fond of his grandad absolutely loves him to pieces and enjoys nothing more than spending quality time with him, so me and mum decided to take the bus to Sheffield for some retail therapy on Saturday and leave the boys to it.  I have never been to Sheffield before and found the town centre quite pretty, with architecture old and new,

my mum took me over to the 'Winter Gardens' and 'The Crucible', the snooker was on so there were lots of enthusiasts buzzing around.  We didn't stay long!

This poor guy, every time he let got of his tot, he went charging into the water they were both soaking, but it was hilarious, so I couldn't resist a photo opportunity.
There is also a fabulous area the name escapes me, with art and sculpture on display, I particularly liked these pieces they are made from cutlery, which is one of the things Sheffield use to produce on mass from there famous steel works, lovely to see some almost historical items being put to good use.  I also included a particularly nice design which was part of the base of the pools, really liked the shape and colour.

Well we had a lovely day 'mooching' round the shops, trying on hats (too much wedding fever) and got back home exhausted, to find Ron and Sam in the same place we left them in the morning, on the XBox!
Sunday was spent squirrel watching and a trip to the local nursery where my mum helped me choose flowers for my baskets, we then decided that we would have lunch in the little cafe there but had to go back home to retrieve the boys, the sun was shining and we had a lovely walk down there.  Incidently the people who own the nursery are originally from my neck of the woods and have moved up to Derbyshire and gradually more members of there family have joined them.  Which got me to thinking that perhaps its time we seriously thought about a move which we have been threatening to do for about 10 years up to Derbyshire.  So watch this space, although won't be for at least 2 years, but something to look forward to......until next time, Nicky xx


  1. Just do it! Glad you had a great time x

  2. It was wonderful, and is 99% on the cards.

  3. Sounds as if you had a great time and take it from me...moving away from the London area was the best thing we ever did as now I really love London again and have best of both worlds.
    Hugs xx
    PS: Call me to discuss Rav... I am back on line x