Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Crochet? About time!!

So, I have been a bit slack on the crochet front, hopefully this will rectify matters!

I don't know about you but when the weather turns I get out the scarfs and hats, wrap up warm and hibernate into my woollens, however, I am always caught out and some days I just grab a scarf and then we get a ferocious wind chill and my ears suffer terribly.  Now I think I have rectified that!  I had noticed in a lot of the 'fashionable boutiques' hat scarf combo's, which made me think this is ideal for me, I mused about it for a while and then was chucked this outrageously coloured yarn, literally!, I said," I have the ideal project for this".  So in a weekend the CANDY FLOSS SKOOD was created! 

Thus named, as Candy Floss being the colour, and yarn quality, Skood because it is a combination of a Scarf and a Hood!  
This is an ideal project for a beginner/intermediate crocheter and is now available for download on my Ravelry site, hope you like it?  Its a bit bright but you can never have enough colour in your life! 

Another project on my hook is a granny style shawlette, Autumnal I think!
I am using a beautiful plum shade, 100gms of Merino Silk lace weight yarn with a bit of sparkle, its from Fyberspates and it stops me using my Royal Wedding yarn. Can't bring myself to use it! 
I started my design with a chain of some length and worked down. I prefer starting large and decreasing, it seems so much quicker than increasing!  I wanted a simple design and I don't think you can beat a granny stitch, used with a delicious yarn it gives an old favorite a modern and elegant twist. The pattern details will go up on Ravelry when its finished.

If you are interested I also have some free patterns on Ravelry available for download. Take a look at the pic's and see if you fancy any.  

To finish had to put up another picture of the menace on four legs, yes you guessed it Kylie the devil pup, she is chewing my flip flops!!

Until next time.......Nicky xx

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  1. Lovely to have you join the Ravelry design world, love the skood, love the pup (every house needs a dog...they keep us smiling!) and can't wait to see the shawlette.
    Have a good one x