Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scarf or Hood, no its a Skood!!!

Have finally got round to writing up the pattern for the 'Skood' I designed end of last year,

I sat at my laptop and typed away until it was done and am rather pleased with myself!  Using my newly acquired polystyrene head to model it, I think it has turned out rather well and will be for sale at the next Autumn craft market I happen to do.  I have also been busy decopatching too, decided I would like to customise a 'head' can't decide if its a bit spooky?  Comments welcome but thought it would be a nice idea to display my mono pieces on.

Count down has begun only 2 days to go before the Royal Wedding so excited can't wait to watch all the excitement on the TV.  My lovely daughter Naomi brought me a Sticker Book today along with loads of packs of stickers, yes I am that obsessed!

I am off to Derbyshire on Friday evening with my boy Sam, to spend some quality time with my mum and step dad Ron.  The plan is for me and mum to spend Saturday in Sheffield for a bit of retail therapy whilst Sam and Step Daddy spend the day on X Box.   Yes, Ron is really a 75 year old gamer has loved playing as long as I can remember!  Listening to Ron and Sam shouting and whooping as they play is very amusing.  But Sam will have a really nice time as its also a break from his revision which he is not enjoying,  he absolutely adores his Nan and Grandad so he will have a fabulous time.  I promise to take my camera and take pics too to share on my return.

Well hope you enjoy the Royal Wedding, can't wait to see the dress.....until next time, Nicky xx

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  1. Love the Skood, pattern for Ravelry? Hope you enjoyed the wedding..loved the dress, so stylish. Tissues came out when she came out of her proud her dad must have felt.
    Have fun in Derbyshire x