Sunday, April 3, 2011

Royal Wedding Arrival!

OMG, my Fyberspates Royal Wedding Yarn has arrived, see the big reveal below:

Just a little teaser!

Salivating now!

Delicious Sapphire silky smooth yarn!

Can you see the sparkles?

Much to my delight I also got an official Royal Wedding Mug from my son for mothers day he knows I love all things royal, although he thinks I am weird!

Fine Bone China no less, not to be used just viewed with pleasure!

 My very thoughtful daughter brought me a Cath Kidston brolly, I say thoughtful because she knew I wanted a handbag size, lightweight but pleasing to the eye umbrella, she hit the mark perfectly.

 I was thoroughly spoilt on Mothers Day by my two fantastic kids.

Just to wrap things up just thought I would share my Charles and Diana commemorative plate and cup with you, bought by my Grandmother for me and cherished none the less!

Slightly dodgy pic of Di her nose is a little large!

Have a relaxing and regal week!.......Until next time......Nicky x!


  1. There are twins of almost all your items in this house of mine, just like you I love all things royal. My sparkle yarn has also arrived and one hank has gone to 'little Ellen'.
    Mmmmm, what to make with it??? I don't think I will use it, it looks so regal in it's box with the numbered card.
    Have a good week xx

  2. Yes I am tempted to buy another one just so I have one to display!

  3. Hi..yarn looks interesting what will you make with it?
    Love the new Mug...such a pretty design they have chosen this time around
    Was a book for him
    Hugs Suz x