Thursday, April 14, 2011

Resistance is Futile!

So big dilemma, cannot bring myself to use the Royal Wedding Yarn as so beautifully presented in the box, wouldn't look the same without the yarn, so I have decided to order another yarn in a equally regal shade not the delicious sapphire but the gorgeously regal shade of plum with a bit of sparkle.  Just need to come up with an appropriate design. Still on the subject of the Royal Wedding this link will tickle you as it did me, Fiona Goble's Knitted Royal Wedding has been a massive success, keep watching the link and you will see the knitted royals conga, its hilarious!  Update on memorabilia collection it has grown, I now have a lovely Wills and Kate magazine and my hubby bought me a tin of Royal Wedding biscuits!  Finally I have decide that I am going to crochet some Royal Wedding bunting this will be hung from my porch and lets see what the miserable neighbour's have to say about the mad women at No23 who is Royal Wedding bonkers! 

Last weekend I finished a commission, which involved a fair bit of grading so put my new found skills to use, well my BASIC new found skills, big thank you to Belinda Boaden for the masterclass.  Got lots of crochet project requests on the go, four more requests for the same thing but is a nice quick make, so will progress and see how long it takes before I get fed up with it.  Sorry I am being cryptic but is a pattern I have devised so can't reveal as yet.

Lastly I now see light at the end of the ZUMBA tunnel I actually managed to do some steps at my class without falling over, I love progress!  Until next time.........Nicky xx

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  1. So I see you have weakened to the call of more 'wedding yarn'. I look forward to seeing what you make with it.
    Have a lovely weekend