Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Latest Design Pic and Free Pattern

This is my latest design for Simply Knitting, here is a pic!

Last Summer I  made a little hairband/fascinator for my daughter which she wore to death to six form, so thought I would offer the pattern up on the blog, it does involve some crochet but more of a sewing project, is so simple to make and great way to use up scraps of fabric and odds of yarn.
See below and you could also add a brooch back if you don't fancy the hairband, .....enjoy!

Floral Headband or Corsage

How to Make

Pinking Shears
3.5mm Crochet Hook
1 Button
Sticky Felt
2 small lengths of fabric
4ply Yarn in contrast colour
Plain elastic hair band
Small pair of sharp scissors

  • Cut 2 x 30cm lengths of fabric. 1x 5cms and 1x 6.5cms wide.

  • Using the pinking shears shape one edge of the fabric into petal shapes (using template).

  • Place template on fabric edge and use dotted line as a guide.
  • Sew a running stitch along bottom edge of both pieces of fabric.

  • Stitch to opposite side to form a rosette and secure yarn.

  • Place smaller flower on top of larger version and put to one side.

Crochet Flower.
Ch 8, ss to join.
R1 – Ch1, dc 16x, ss to join.
R2 – Ch5, *sk next st, ss in flp of next ch, ch 5 ** repeat from 8 to ** 7 times, sk next st, ss into bottom of beg ch5.
R3 – ss in ch5 sp, ch1, *(1dc, 3½tr, 1 dc)*, repeat *to* in further 7 ch5 sp, ss into beg ch1
R4 – *Ch7, ss into blp of R1 dc** repeat from * to ** 7 times, ss into bottom of beg ch7.
R5 – Ss in Ch 7 sp, ch1 *(dc, ½tr, 3tr, ½tr, dc)*, repeat *to* in further 6 ch5 sp. Ss into beg ch1. FO
  •  Place Crochet flower on top of fabric rosette’s, then thread a needle with contrast colour and placing button in the middle secure button to top of rosette sewing through all 3 layers.  Don’t worry about quality of finish too much as sticky felt will cover.

  • Cut a circle of sticky felt and stick to back of rosette.
  • Hand stitch neatly round the edge for added security, stitch elastic hair band securely.  
  • NB:  Alternatively add a brooch fastening for a corsage.
© alifelikevera (Nicky Hale).  Reserve all rights.  This pattern is the copy write of Nicky Hale (alifelikevera) and is solely for use by recipient and must not be copied without permission or reproduced in any way for commercial use or financial gain.


  1. Nicki this is gorgeous and I will have to make one and use as corsage. I'll post pic on my blog when I have made it.
    Thanks for sharing the pattern.
    Hugs from Heike xx

  2. Your welcome, enjoy, glad you like it.x