Thursday, March 24, 2011


So, as stated in my previous blog post I told you that I had been at the Stitch and Craft show last week.  Another reason I wanted to be there too was to stock up on Decopatch goodies.  I had discovered this wonderful craft last year and really enjoyed experimenting with objects at home, but enthusiasm had waned, as it does, and my niece left my glue out with the lid off when she house sat for me, so I hadn't touched it for a while.  I hoped that finding the stand would enthuse me and it certainly did, so far I have made these!
I have decided to get my Christmas pressies on the go already, for two reasons:
1. Because I love to make things for people and hope that they might reciprocate as I love home made pressies.
2. If I start early I might actually get them finished in time.
So I am sorry I mentioned the C word and am off to cover some more boxes, its so addictive!

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