Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This and That, Events and What Nots!!!!!!

Whoa, have and am having a really creative couple of weeks!

Date for the diary 2011 craft market at The Sele School in March, got me thinking that maybe I could do a sort of Make Your Own session, so have been thinking about that and putting notes etc... together in a rather large jiffy bag, spoke to the organizers, (I am actually one too), and have got the go ahead,  this will need to create revenue for me of course, but like everything its a gamble so 'watch this space'.  NOTE to self: its a way of getting me over my phobia of public speaking which seems to be getting worse!

On the crochet front - helping with bits for a friends book, info to follow, I will be plugging mercilessly when published, making a piece for another mag for photography, again will plug when published, the designer is a jolly good egg.  My latest design will be appearing in Simply Knitting Issue 78, so look out for it.  I have been making up swatches and sketching down ideas for a series of crochet pieces that my daughter SnappyGirl will be photographing and using her lovely friend Claire to model before she disappears to  Urdang Academy of Performing Arts.  Claire is one talented missy, brilliant dancer and has a lovely voice.  Also SnappyGirl has updated her blog with some smashing pictures, in particular my lovely dog Chester so take a look.

Forthcoming Events (Feb, March)- Unravel 2011  Feb 26th and 27th Advance tickets £6 or £8 on the door.  Word has it that this event is well worth a visit although I have never been I will get feedback from Barbara and Lesley two ladies who go to my Knitting/Crochet club and report back.  Another for February is Creative Stitches & Hobbycrafts Show again haven't been but wouldn't mind at £5 a ticket not a bad price, this event runs from 11th to13th February.
Stitch and Craft Show 17th to 20th March, fantastic show not only features knitting and crochet but lots of other fabulous crafts, well worth a visit and at £8 for a adult a bargain. I will be attending one of the days and stocking up on lots of fabulous fabric and crafty bits and bobs.

Crochet Club 2011 - I am officially rubbish! whilst everyone I know who is taking part in this has got stuck in I am still sadly only on my 1st piece of the second design.  There is even a flickr group featuring yarns and the lovely pieces people have finished, grrrr..... not enough hours in the day! 

Anyway, last but not least, shameless blog plug check this one out, its from the extremely talented Belinda Boaden True Brit Knits she is one of the fabulous designers featured in The Knitter well worth a look.......until next time, Au revoir!


  1. If it makes you feel better I still haven't finished shawl so haven't even started Crochet Club yet. It's a marathon, not a sprint xx ps sorry about the car, does that mean a visit is out of the question?

  2. Hi Nicky, sounds as if you ae very busy at present. Looking forward to your design in SK and hope you enjoy Jane's crochet club. Your friend Emma is right, it's a year's adventure..so enjoy!
    All ok here. Love Heike x