Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another busy week and plans!!!

Claw hands this week overdone the crochet, but happily finished 56 Hexagons for a friend, have also got another piece to complete for a designer so looking forward to getting stuck into that.  I am really looking forward to 17th Feb going round to True Brits Knit to learn the dark art of grading, well try to that is, I am very excited but I think that is more about meeting her house rabbit Ev and sampling soup for lunch.

I brought some fabulous yarn from Colourmart recently and decided that I would wash the yarn first rather than make up the piece so have also been winding it off cones into hanks for that process, its a gorgeous shade called Garnet in a Merino DK and can't wait to get stuck in.  I have a cardie in mind sort boxy but with a simple dc and lace detail.  Need to get it started as this is the item I want to grade.

I guess I have France on my subconscious at the moment, I spent last weekend watching some fabulous films, Amelie with the amazing Audrey Tautou and Chocolat with Juliette Binoche and Dame Judy Dench, both great films to lose yourself in, although I would recommend you do a simple crochet pattern when watching Amelie as it has sub titles.

Was really interested by Fyberspates blog on debt, snowballing sounds just like the method I would like to use.  Take a look its well worth it.

Anyway short one this week will try to make an effort and include some pictures at some point!......jusqu'à la prochaine fois Nicky xx.

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  1. You are a very busy bee at the moment...have fun!
    Thanks for your comment ref. my course, I am enjoying it but wish there was a little less 'sticking and painting'.
    Well done on your Merit