Thursday, December 30, 2010

Love Surprise's

Well there I was 8.15am having walked the dogs, cleaned and pottered around in the kitchen, just about to sit down and watch a little more of Sex in the City Series 1 (my daughter got the box set for Christmas).  When I heard a knocking on the door, it was more like a hammering, it could only be one person, the postman only he knows how to bash a door so hard it practically breaks the hinges!  After recovering from the near heart attack I  was handed two boxes, and I didn't have a clue what the contents were, until I noticed the returns label, yep Suz she is such a minx, what a lovely surprise, totally caught me unawares no idea it was coming! Two parcels to unwrap so I sat and looked at them for a while, I just love that pre-opening feeling of not knowing the exact contents.  I couldn't wait for long and soon got hold of the scissors to take a look at the contents.

I actually feel like a small child on Christmas morning, I must have had my mouth open for at least 5 minutes in amazement at all the goodies she sent me (see crappy photography), beautiful hand made star, her fleecy heart, lovely 'Merry Christmas' and 'Happy New Year' cut outs, an amazing photo/scrapbook album, a smaller book made from bamboo pulp, a crochet snow flake, star buttons, a needlepoint cockerel,  lots of bits and bobs and finally a box filled with a rainbow of yarns,  I am speechless!

Don't really know how to put in words how delighted I am and how generous a gift this is, I think 'gobsmacked' best describes it!  Just one more thing go have a look at Suz's amazing blog it is creatively delicious!  Till next time.......Nicky xx


  1. What a little gem Suz is - her blog is a delight and so is she!!

  2. What a lovely surprise to you and what a great friend you have. Love all the items and look forward to seeing what you make with it.
    Have a fab new year and hugs and best wishes for 2011
    Love Heike x

  3. Oh! only just seen arrived then? lol
    Glad you like it all l did mail you to say it was on it's way but looks like you never got the mail
    Sounds like l made up for the loooooooooooong wait you had.....big hugs Suz xx

  4. CONGRATULATIONS...a CALENDAR is on it's way random selector pick you with 3 others for a calendar
    Happy New Year
    Hugs Suz x