Friday, November 19, 2010

Royal Wedding, Xmas Lucky Giveaway and Pattern!!!

I love a Royal Wedding, how beautiful is Kate Middleton?  Bless Prince William trying to be funny, he is so likeable, really excited might have to take a trip to London for the event and wave my Union Jack!!!!

So had three days off this week, am working on a project for a magazine, which quite frankly is a 'bitch' trust me to design something so 'flippin' difficult!!!!! I will get it finished though.
In the meantime thought I would share another freebie with you, its called 'Holey Cowl', (see below), see the play on words??? sorry failing badly at being ironic or funny or something, need caffine!!!  I have used scribblings from about a year ago, so apologies now if the pattern is incorrect.  Oh as a early Christmas gift I am offering the Cowl that is made up in Rowan Romance as a give away, I will pull names from a Hat on 28/11/10, to post out on 29/11.  I will make this open to International entries as well feeling generous, will send proof of postage, but I  will not be held liable for loss in the post.
The question is, who are the authors/designers of the following crochet books?
1. The Happy Hooker.
2. The Ultimate Crochet Bible 2010.

Holey Cowl!

Yarn – Rowan Country and Romance (both discontinued but alternative any Super Bulky or Bulky Yarns)
Hook – 8mm
Size – One Size Adult (can be decreased/increased to fit)
Tension – Over trellis 3x3 = 10cm

Ch – Chain
Slst – Slip Stitch
Dc – Double Crochet
Tr – Triple Crochet
Fp – Front post
Bp – Back post
Chsp – Chain space
FO – Fasten Off

Ch 67, slst to join.
R1 – Ch3, tr in each ch to end, slst into 3rd ch of beg ch3.
R2 – Ch 3, *(fptr into next tr, bptr into next tr)* repeat *to* to end, slst in 3rd ch of beg ch3.
R3 –Ch1, dc into each st to end, slst to join.
R4 – Ch5, dc into, 4th dc, *(ch5, sk 3 dc, dc into next dc)* repeat *to* to last 3dc’s, slst into 1st sc.
R5 – Slst into 2nd ch, dc into same ch sp *(ch5,dc into next chsp )* repeat *to* to last sp, slst into 1st dc.
R6 to R12 – Repeat R5.
R13 – Ch1, *(Dc3 in chsp, dc into next dc)* repeat *to* to beg dc in ch1.
R14 – Ch3, tr into each dc to end, join with a slst into 3rd ch of beg ch3.
R15 – Repeat R2.  FO.

Making up:
Measure a length of yarn, e.g.(150cm), to make cord use a door handle and halve, put loop round door handle and twist continuously until tight, cord should naturally form.  Make two pompoms, and attached to yarn cord, thread through trellis and tie.

Let me know what you think and again any mistakes found or comments gratefully welcomed.  Have a fab weekend....... Nicky xx


  1. Thanks so much for the pattern. It's a great looking cowl!

  2. So excited about a royal wedding....eekk...
    Love your pattern...and will love to see what you are up to for a magazine...Count me in on a giveaway...I love the pay with words...
    it is funny!!!

  3. Thanks for the feedback, is a surprisingly cosy cowl and you can't beat a couple of pompoms.

  4. Love your stuff, Nicky! Love the 'holey Cowl' name too! lol! Cx

  5. The Happy Hooker - Debbie Stoller
    The Ultimate Crochet Bible - Jane Crowfoot

    Love the pom-poms on the cowl which is really lovely.

    So glad I found your blog - very inspirational.

  6. Holey Camoley!!! Fab as usual and agree with you on Royal Wedding, nothing better to cheer up the nation!!
    Back from Germany, visiting family was great..back there again next week to go to Christmas market in Munich, can't wait.
    Hugs from me xx

  7. I loved the play on words!! Oh, and the cowl itself is quite gorgeous.
    Agree about the wedding, I'm lapping up all the news I can get about it, I just wish it was during the summer so I could be there for it :(