Saturday, October 23, 2010

Spoilt me!

I had a great birthday, quiet which is what I like, just thought I would share some of my gifts with you.  My hubby got me a lamp to crochet under, which I have been asking for, for ages, gave it a trial run yesterday evening,  funnily enough my daughter said I looked like I was in the hairdressers having a shampoo and set or a blue rinse charming aye!

Personally I think it looks like some kind of Alien brain sucker!!!!

Got these cheerful flowers as well, bright and beautiful, I love flowers they always make me feel cheerful.

My dear friend Emma sent me this lovely notebook, she always sends such brilliant pressies and it is just lovely.

I hope this doesn't sound mean? My daughter got me a hairdryer and my son bought me 'This Is England' Box set DVD's which were both what I really wanted pressies, but not very photogenic, so hence no pics!

I just thought I would take some pics of some of the cards I received, I would quite happily be satisfied with just cards on my birthday I love receiving them. These are both funny and nice.

Apologies for the photography not my best but you get the idea, I hope.  Anyway off now there is a pile of ironing with my name on it, :(  Have a great weekend.............Nicky xx


  1. Love the's to warm the brain so you can be even more creative hehehe
    Very trendy it
    Hugs Suz x

  2. ps....l haven't forgotten your box of goodies hehe it's still growing hehe
    l'll make sure you get it for Christmas this year'll have lots under the tree for you this year hehehe
    only 12 months late hey!! ooops

    Big Hugs Suz x

  3. Suz, you are funny. I am loving the work you are doing on your house I look forward to catching up on your progress daily its amazing how much you get done. I am still waiting for my extension to get finished that has taken 5 years!!! I still have no skirting boards, lol! Nx