Friday, October 22, 2010

Not enough hours in the day!

I wish I could have a 36 hour day but still manage on the sleep I normally have!  I seem to fill all my time with jobs and errands and like a duck (I'm not Swan) serenly float along, with my legs going ten to the dozen below. 
I have been catching up on some of my favorite blogs looking at the crafts and homegrown items, for example Emma and her wonderful PumpkinSuzie and her fantastic crafts and ideas for Christmas and the wonderful Heike who always produces brilliant knitting patterns on her blog and is an all round good egg.  So I had a little scout and found some more blogs to follow, my criteria being - Creative, Colourful and Crochet or the 3C's.  I found these little gems, Julie Vasconsin ultimate crochet guru/designer, Teresa Kasner's Crochet Crochet obviously but her blog was just warm and friendly, House in the Trees gives great heads up on Crochet ideas, Creative Haven who has such lovely images of her work.  I also forgot to mention last but by no means least Suz who has so many strings to her bow I can't count them all, crochet, decorating, sewing and interior design and a great eye for colour to name just a few.
So today is my birthday, I am now heading towards a big number which I will not reveal, but why don't I feel it? My daughter invited me to come along to a silent disco tonight but erm, No!!!!!! I am intrigued by it though and would love to be a fly on the wall I hope they play different songs in everyones earphones that would be really funny!! Tonight I will snuggle down in front of the TV with a large glass of 'vin rouge' and snooze my way into tomorrow, that is what I call celebrating a birthday!
Till the next time.... Nicky xx


  1. Happy birthday lovely, hopefully the parcel arrived. We have so much pumpkin I would have sent that if I could! xxxxx

  2. Oh my g....ness! It's my birthday too!
    Happy birthday from one Libra to another and I will toast you tonight.
    Enjoy! Hugs from Heike xx

  3. oh! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY tied up with stuff here l haven't go to read all blogs on time
    Looks like it was a good one anyway
    Hugs Suz x