Friday, October 29, 2010

Little Bit of Self Promotion!

Ok, so I feel a little uncomfortable about 'bigging myself up', but thought I would draw some attention to the next issue of Simply Knitting. 
The story goes, as follows: - I crochet a necklace for my boss for Christmas last year. Juliet had seen a similar necklace I had made for myself in the summer that year and had 'hinted' that she would quite like one. So as a surprise I whipped it up for her to unwrap on Christmas Day.  She was delighted and wore it on one of her visits to her publishers, and the lovely editor of Simply Knitting saw it and asked her where she had got it from, Juliet 'spilled' and told her that I had made it and proceeded to say that I was an avid crocheter and was always whipping up little designs and patterns for fun.  Well, slightly embarrassed, I was also very flattered and didn't think anymore about it.  A couple of weeks later I then got a lovely email from Simply Knitting asking me if I would like to make it for the magazine, well you can guess what my response was!
Well now 10 months or so down the line, Voila! it appears in the next issue.

Sorry about the quality of the pic its a scan from the latest The Knitter mag, you can just about see the gorgeous lady with my necklace on!

Any well that is enough of shameless self promotion, just going to draw your attention to someone else.  The lovely Figen, of Knit Box, who I finally met up with at the iKnit weekender and 'knobbled' some needles from as they were so beautiful, these in turn ended up on the desk of The Knitter magazine and low and behold are featured in Issue 25, they are more beautiful in 'the flesh' and well worth buying, maybe as a Christmas pressie for a fellow crafter?
Well apologies for mentioning the 'C' word but as everyone else has started talking about it, I feel the time is right for me to mention it.
Well this weekend I plan to crochet up a storm and I might even get the sewing machine out.  I have some college homework too, so busy weekend, but fun busy not horrible job busy!!! ....until next Nicky x


  1. Well done you and I will be buying the issue just to see your lovely necklace. I read the review of Figen's needles..she'll be chuffed.
    Just got back from a little blog tomorrow when I have had time to update
    Hope all is well with you
    Hugs from Heike x

  2. Congratulations!! It is not shameless self promotion - I thinks it is great and something to be called about from the highest building!!