Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nice things happen to those who wait!

Just a little insight into my family goings on!
So 'nice things happen to those who wait'?  I am a great believer in fate and patience and what goes around comes around.  The following is proof that these things happen, maybe not on a grand scale but on a 'nice, life pootering along, laid back way'.  Last Friday it was Sams football team 'end of year' presentation.  We all turned up wondering who had won players player (voted by the team) and managers player (voted by the manager and trainers), also a great way of tying a big bow round our superb year of football. The lad who won the players player award couldn't come to the event which was disappointing, so the manager made a nice speech about how he deserved it and had worked very hard.  Then he did his speech about managers player, saying "this lad hasn't been with us for long, he was incredibly shy when he first came, but has been committed and a strong member of the team.  He does everything I ask of him without complaint and the award goes to Sam Hale", well you could have knocked me down with a feather!  I was soooooooooooooo proud, and all the boys were really chuffed for him, they did try to get him to make a speech but that was a big NOOOOOOOO, he is a thinker not a talker!!!!  I am one very proud mother.
My daughter, Naomi had a great day yesterday, she went to a 'meet and greet' at the college where she is going in September, to enroll and meet fellow students, she will be studying Theatrical and Media MakeUp and Styling, she had a great time and said the tutors were really nice, some of the girls seemed a little bitchy , but they are a couple of years younger fresh out of school and to be honest they'll get short shrift with Naomi, she doesn't suffer fools gladly!  The great thing too was that one of her old acquaintances is also on the course and she is the same age as Naomi and they were delighted  to see each other.   Later in the day she also got a call from an another old friend who she hasn't spoken too in ages, he is a brilliant musician called David Honour, she has sung (link is a song she dedicated to her cousin when he died), for him on various occasions, in particular his GCSE and A level music exams where he got top marks, David went off to Uni to study 'Science based subjects' last year, such a waste to music, I can't tell you how talented he is.  Anyway he has been busy writing some of his own songs whilst at Uni and wants Naomi to sing on them,  she played me some of them and they are great, quirky and really melodic and fun, I am so excited for her. 
So like I say nothing on a grand scale, but life is good and exciting and nice things do come to those who wait!.......................Nicky x


  1. Wow, wow and double wow!!! I bet you are proud, too right you are girl. Give yourself a pat on back from me for being a faboulastic MUM
    Hugs from Wales xxx

  2. Nice things come to those who do nice things for others! x

  3. Emma kind words from the wise!