Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Curtains of doom ........!

So last week I altered some curtains for someone they were hideously heavy and lined, so did one an evening by hand.  My friend then contacted me, who had been asked by 'said curtains owner' if she knew anyone who could alter curtains,  if I could do another 6, noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!  Can you imagine, if you will, sewing such heavy curtains that your hands ache and your needle finger bleeds!  I can't complain too much this pays for my hair and other little treats so thats how I keep myself going.
So complete change of subject!!!!!!.......I am really proud of my boy Sam again, he was chosen to represent his school in district trials for long jump, which he has only been doing for about 3 weeks and has the longest jump in his school, 5.10.  So he practised hard, and 3 days before the event and managed to beat his personal best to a distance of 5.32, I was so proud of him.  Now although it sounds quite a long jump it is not the furthest, his best friend who lives in another district, is district champ at 5.80.  The event took place on Friday it was very hot and due to no shows Sam was also at the last minute asked to compete in the hurdles.  Sam came 4th in the hurdles and did his personal best again in the long jump, but was beaten by a massive 5.64, he came 6th, he did however say he was chatting to some of the long jump lads and they were really amazed that he was jumping that distance after such a short time doing it and encouraged him to continue. 
Skipping back to crochet........ on the last leg of my cousins blue themed baby blanket seems to be taking forever,
 then I have to whip something up for my other cousins baby girl with these lovely colours,
and also a little gift for my favourite girl Scarlett who we are visiting at the end of July.
So as always busy, busy, busy!
Oooo, before I go just want to say thank you, big hugs to Heike who not only has a fabulous blog she writes some amazing free patterns and bought two of my bags!


  1. Well done Sam...I used to do long jump and 100m running in my days (when I had no grey hair) and know how hard it is but also how much fun, keep it up!! As for your poor bleeding fingers...I feel for you. Poor yourself a lovely drink and pat on your back for being such a good and helpful person.
    Thanks for mention of me on your blog xx

  2. Sam did do well! The blanket looks good, and I love the colours for the baby girl too! Suzie xx

  3. love, love, love, love, llllllove xxxx thanks for your comments girls and nearly finished blanket, woop woop!!!!! Curtains of doom unfortunately sitting there telling me to finish but just can't bring myself to, note to self, roots will need doing soon must complete curtains!!!!!!