Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Catch up Vera!

Phew well had so much on last weekend just didn't have a chance to blog.
Anyway quietened down now. Craft fair, I really enjoyed although the turnout was dismal, we advertised so much. It was our first one but we weren't put off, the stalls were amazing and can be seen on facebook  Friends of Sele School (F.O.S.S.) there are some great pictures, These were taken by my daughter, unfortunately she didn't have time to spruce them up so she isn't that happy with the quality of them,  I think they are okay though! 
It must be granny blanket season because both Dotty Angel and The Royal Sisters are 'Blanketing' up a storm, and I to am working on  a blanket for the latest 'bibling' of the family, Sebastian Pollitt, born to my cousin last week, (his name is brilliant he sounds like a politician of eccentric theatrical type)!
I am working on a typical blue and white colour scheme with a hint of airforce blue, gives me the opportunity to revisit some old squares I had used before in a previous blanket:
Oh so much for things quietening down this week,  my dear friend Romayne telephoned me on Saturday requesting a 1930's apron in yellow, this was de-ja-vu'ish because I had been thinking about doing a line in aprons for my crafty stall, so she can be my guinea pig!  She also requested an alteration of some very heavy curtains for a friend and a new set of curtains for her!!!! Just when I thought things had calmed down me and my big mouth.  Also my sons best friend came over at the weekend,  his mum dropped him off and popped in for a cuppa and saw all my craft stuff out and requested  a nautical blue brooch to go with an outfit she is wearing to a wedding.  So busy, busy, busy, again but, admittedly I love it. 
Lastly my lovely son Sam and his footy team collected their trophies at the league footy presentation.  They were runners up in the premier division, and this was their first season in the league, so quite an achievement.  Will post lots of pics when I can of footy presentation, baby blanket, corsage etc.....until then, Nicky x


  1. Sounds as if you have no time to while away sitting in sun with glass of cool Pimms or bubbly and day-dreaming!!! Go girl, that's what I say. You are talented and about time people realised. Get your Etsy shop going and I start drumming up customers.
    Can't wait for my bags to arrive. Thanks xx

  2. Oh thank you for your sweet words...
    Yes I do believe it must be blanket season...
    I am on to my third blanket this season already...
    It is very cold here so I think that helps me get motivated...
    If you would like to use any of my pics please feel free...
    You are so kind my dear...