Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stone the crows...... I am knitting again!!!

Yes shock horror I picked up two needles ( well circulars) not a hook and taught myself to knit again.  Well I could already sort of knit, and was very good at the theory but pactise was sloppy and I was soooooo slow.  I had this idea that if I re- taught myself to knit again on circulars I would be faster?  So I grabbed my Patons Learn to Knit book by Sue Whiting, and a pair of circulars I had purchased at ATFOTF and some random yarn and 'learnt away'!  I was like and ephithany I was so excited so popped onto Ravelry and found a lovely little lace cowl called Dayflower

So watch this space and I will post finished item. 
Still making bits for the craft market working on newborn blankets at the moment, just finished this one and hope to have another one made up for the event,  they are quite time consuming because I do like to detail them with my sewing up technique an borders, 'can't beat a picot'!
Thought I would share the ongoing project that is my house, me and my husband both work full time so time itself is precious.  This weekend was dedicated to 'decking' construction and you can guess how the first day went, Rain :( on Saturday hindered my hubby somewhat and also he has a hernia so I had to spend most of the day watching to make sure he didn't over do it.
This is the footings.
 I am useless as a labourer so Sam had to step in when needed, I did manage to make myself usefull and dig over some borders and beds and in the process found my little bird house,

 I also have our gazebo up at the moment, because although I like the warm weather I like to be able to enjoy it in the shade and just feels so cosy in the morning having breakfast outside.

So hopefully next week I will be able to post some pics of the finished decking where we can spend the rest of the summer enjoying our weekends off....till next time, Nicky xx


  1. ooooh that will be great when the sun decides to come back again!! lol
    Look forward to seeing it finished
    Crochet and knitting looks great
    MMMM!! how good an idea it is l'm not sure James and camper but if anything happens he knows not to come home again!!! hehehe
    Gave him the talk yesterday and how Noo Noo is Phil's baby!!!!
    Getting closer to a packed box for you embarrassingly long time in coming l hear you say! hehe
    Hugs xx
    Hugs xx

  2. Circular needles? I can really only do basic so.... Aren't thes housie jobs so time cinsiming and darned hard. George often has trouble with his back, and it always seems to happen when there is some job to do on our hoose! I look foprward to see your progress! Suzie xxx