Sunday, May 23, 2010

Productive week/end!

Had another productive week/end.......Tuesday evening saw us tying up loose ends for the forthcoming events and events already held by FOSS (Friends of Sele School).  Craft Fair is looking really promising and can't wait to see some of the other stalls. 
I have been crafting flowers this week to make into floral headbands "its what all those youngen's are wearing at the moment, you know"!  I am really pleased with the results, and got Naomi to wear one to six form today, bit of free advertising.  I have really enjoyed making these matching fabrics, buttons and yarn together.  I am only making small quantities at the moment of all my crafty items as I don't want to have two much stock and I can also gauge popularity and make more of the more sellable items.

Not loading anymore pics as taking forever!
My husband is at Rugby Saturday, with two of our neighbours and our friend Claude Jordaan who comes over from his home in Holland, (The Jordaans use to live opposite and we miss them).  This has become a bit of a tradition each year, and I don't mind because I get a peaceful day to myself.  Naomi will be at her boyfriends and Sam is going to the cinema with his mates so I might even break from the crafts and have an hour of me time!......... 23/5  I did just that it was lovely, oh except that I went to the cinema with my son as his mates all decided they wanted to see Robin Hood and he wanted to see Street Dance,  so that was nice! Have spent Sunday making cushion covers for a friend and a bit more hookery so now signing off until next time..............Nicky!


  1. The headbands are great, I would think there will be much demand for them. Nice work.

  2. I love the headbands! I am sure that they will be very successful. Yes, you try and grab some me time! suzie xxx