Saturday, May 8, 2010

Friend for Nibbles!

Well we have taken the plunge, having given up hope of Slinky ever returning, we were contacted by a lady who wanted a good home for a female (doe) ferret.  Bailey has been brought up being handled regularly, indoors!!!!(they surely have no sense of smell).   She is the same age as Nib's, so no danger of Nibbles being dominant and bossy and she is a polecat which is what Slinky was.  We thought that she would be ideal and she was brought over on Friday evening.  We will have to keep them seperate initially because Nibbles is still recovering, having had 3 large ticks removed by the vet yesterday,  (ticks are the most disgusting creatures on the face of the earth even the vet was gagging as she removed them).  So we don't want newby to catch any nastys.  Bailey arrived along with very impressive cage with all manner or entertainment inside, a litter tray, scratching pole and some sort of vitamin toothpaste????????  She is absolutely gorgeous and soooooo sweet.  Will be gradually getting her used to being outside and to Nibbles.  Bailey slept in her cage in Sam's room  in her hamock looking lovingly at Sam.  See pic told you she was cute!

Her first night was great no problem, well except for her stinking out Sam's room, we decided to bathe Nibbles wounds with antiseptic today and whilst indoors let her meet Bailey.  Bailey stayed in her cage and Nibbles ran round it like a loon, they both make this delightful little noise and went potty kissing each other through the cage it was very sweet, see pic.

So rethinking the living space in the garden for the ferrets imagine a palace of epic proportion to house all of Baileys toys and we did say we wanted to breed them at some point so they will need a big place for them. 
Have a great weekend .... Nicky x


  1. Oh Nicky they are so cute together hope they really get on well love all fury things l do hehe
    How l ended up with 4 cats and not the 2 l had from the RSPCA hehe
    And yep l do stop once in a while l can be a lazy cow sometimes hehe but right now l can't stop moving stuff around in Bakewell hehe loving the new space
    Hugs Suz x

  2. Soooo cute! I am glad you have welcomed this furry bundle into your homes and hearts! Ticks, I have heard that they are horrid, but thankfully have never had any contack with them! Yuck! Have a lovely week! suzie xxx

  3. How totally adorable...even though I couldn't have them, and lucky Bailey for moving in with you. She will have a loving home now and I am sure be spoiled rotten. Thank you for your very kind comments on my blog xx
    New Free design coming later out for it.
    Love Heike x