Sunday, May 16, 2010

Busy, but very enjoyable weekend...!

Have had a lovely weekend!
I spent a very stressfull, but eventually rewarding day on Saturday in Stevenage and St Albans.  It was on the quest for finding the perfect dress for my daughter to wear to her friend 21st celebration. 
Stevenage first when in Stevenage you have got to wander round the indoor market which is fabulous, a wool stall which is great,  'I was good and didn't purchase'.  Then my favourite stall which has been going for 52 years, I think its called 'Buttons & Bows' but don't quote me, I never look at the sign, I bought oodles of ric rac at 16p a metre, bargin! some buttons to cover at 30p each and 5 little white teddy buttons for 10p each, my cousin is having a baby but sex is yet unknown so white goods it is!

Well after 2 hours of trying on dresses we still didn't find one so my son  Sam had lost the will to live and we dropped him off home and decided to make our way to St Albans.  We really wanted to visit a new shop over there called V for Vintage and also others that weren't in Stevenage, I also wanted to have a look on the Market for foam (it will make sense in a forthcoming post).  Well our expectations were rewarded 'V' is a great little shop and boy did some of the clothes bring back memories, I tried on this fabulous 80's black and white spotty dress, 'yes you did hear 80's and fabulous in the same sentence.  It was very flattering and I nearly bought it until I tried on the next one 1950's floral number its gorgeous and I just had to have it, don't know where or when I am going to wear it but it just had to be mine.

 Oh and Naomi managed to pick up a super little jacket.
Well after much time spent in 'V' reminising, we headed off to find 'The Dress', and visited many more shops after a while all the dresses seemed to look the same until we stumbled upon a blue and white spotty number in New Look, the last shop and last dress she tried on Naomi pulled back the curtain declaring "This is the one"!! I had been sitting outside the changing room praying that it would be okay, as I too had lost the will to live and was very hungry, grumpy and had a stinking migraine by then,Yipeee at last!  Finally we could drive  home, my daughter full of the joys, and me just wanting to sleep and drink tea, and I jolly well did. 
Sunday found me back at the sewing machine and doing a little bit of 'hookery' too.  Produced some more stock for Craft Fair:  Cushions, Coasters, Tote's and Mini Rucksacks.

Laters......! Nicky x


  1. It is exhausting all that searching and shopping. Glad it was a success in the end! YOu have been busy with all that crafting and sewing! Lovely! suzie xxx

  2. Cushions and coasters fab...bags to die for!! Can I purchase one please? The dress reminds me of a photograph of my mum wearing one almost identical, with me on her arm (yep, I was a 50's babe). I know what you mean about 80's gear, are you going down memory lane on BBC 2 as I am at the moment, some great 80's stuff on.
    Hugs fron Heike x