Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yarn and The Big Smoke!

Met my chum Emma yesterday for a mums day out.  We were really excited and had sort of planned an itinery!  Sadly it rained most of the day but it didn't deter us we did a lot of walking and perused some fantastic shops. 'All the Fun of the Fair' and 'Rokit' were my favourites. 
So we met at 11am at Angel so we could visit our first shop on the list, Loop, I wasn't really expecting to purchase anything I just wanted to see the shop as I have heard it is 'visually stimulating' it was.  We then strolled around the area, (Emma knows London better than me), we went down some lanes and looked in some great little vintage shops, saw an amazing 1920's flapper evening dress that would probably disintigrate if worn for £495.00.
We then went on to Convent Garden and saw the street entertainers, which quite frankly looked quite scary all sprayed up in gold paint etc..... Both being lovers of food in general, we decided it was time to eat and found a table in an outside cafe, took one look at the very over priced menu and left! So we headed for Rokit and on route found a brilliant little 'Vegetarian Cafe'. I tucked into a large bowl of goulash and Emma had some noodle dish that looked equally as delicious, I also had a massive door step of 3 seed bread with butter, yum!  Rokit was amazing full to the brim of very resonably priced vintage clothing. Funniest thing was me and Emma making a bee line for a rail of blouses and picking up exactly the same blouse in different colours at the same time, spooky aye!
Our last stop was 'All the Fun', at Kingsley Court a bit of a bugger to find but well worth it.  It was on the very top floor of a sort of atrium, and very high, I don't really like heights but managed to show no fear.  The shop was delightful and the girls were very helpful, and me and Emma did spend some money.  We also visited Libertys, and played a very silly game of guess the price of a notebook from Libertys, for example I picked up a A5 size notebook thinking erm probably about £10-15, OH NO more like £40, good grief! We did find it very funny though guessing the different prices. We did leave rapidly when we got odd looks from staff. obviously having far too much fun! Our day finished here, so quickly, and we caught our trains home.  It was really lovely we had so much to talk about and the time just raced by, the thing I love most about Emma is that she and I just sort of go with the flow and don't get anxious about rushing anywhere so all in all a perfect day with perfect company......Nicky x


  1. Oh you lovely person xxx

  2. Hello Nicky! I love London, but haven't been for a couple of years now. Yes, the prices can be daft in some places! Oh, I would have3 loved the 1920's flapper dress! I really must revisit soon! Loved your post! suzie xxx

  3. You know me and anything from the 20's, I would have loved that dress..and I love London and have the fondest memories from the time when I used to work there (previous life). I am teaching at Liberty's in October...Freeform Madness all over again.
    Hugs from Heike xx