Friday, April 30, 2010

What a week!

Nibbles was rescued woo hoo!  Although have spent nearly £100 on vets bill, but so worth it. See previous post.
FOSS meeting.  Had previously met up with the lovely Caroline who is another FOSS mum (Friends of Sele School we raise money for our childrens secondary school). Caroline had suggested a Craft Market as a fundraiser for the school, Brigitte (the chair) said yes, but could you organise, Caroline has been quite ill for a while and is now on the mend but look a little scared so I said I will help too.  We arranged to meet up at her lovely house to thrash out ideas and after lots of tea and biscuits we came up with a plan.  Meanwhile dates were sorted by the lovely Brigitte and I put the word out, hoping that some of my fellow 'Lemsford Knitters' would be interested.
We had our monthly FOSS meeting and discussed with the rest of the committee and it was well supported with plenty of voluteers to help on the day.  Soooooooooooooooo....... I need to start cracking on with pieces as I have decided to do a my own craft stall, as well as helping to organise the event.    Caroline who suggested the craft fair idea is also hosting a stall she makes/sells handmade cards.  I really hope the event is a success,  Caroline is the advertising queen, so will hopefully drum up lots of interest.
I have been really busy so here are some pics of the sort of items I will be selling, made using oddments of upholstery fabric, dress fabric, secondhand fabric and of course odd balls of yarn. 

I have a little RSI but am working through the discomfort will be so worth it.  If anyone lives in the Hertfordshire area and are interested in booking a stall to sell their wares, contact me (Nicky) or Brigitte of FOSS via the Sele School website.
My son also got a prize at school for designing a logo and coming up with the name for the school cafe, this was voted for by students, so being the proud parent I am I just had to take a pic:

I have today off so have had a little lie in 7am instead of my usual 5.30am, and decided to take Chester for a walk in the woods just near my son's school the bluebells are out and it was just idyllic and so peaceful, just had to take some more pics:

This one is of Chester ceremoniously dumping himself on a pile of bluebells that I was just about to take a picture of!!! He is so uncouth my dog!!

I have also been visting a few carboots recently to stock up on items to display my crafty ware in, this is a small selection of some goodies I found and my trusty shopping trolley which travels far and wide and is such a neccesity for carboots.

Finally.....  my friend Emma celebrated her daughters 2nd birthday on the 25th and I always like to make something for Scarlett so after some deliberation I came up with the idea of a mirror for her room.  Scarlett loves animals and I decided to use my decopatch skills to revamp a mirror with really sweet illustrations from an old story book and this was the result:
Not the best picture in the world but you can get the idea!  I got a lovely phone call from Emma who was really please and she sent me a picture of Scarlett 'examining' her face in the mirror.

Well this afternoon I am off to Hitchen as my daughter has an interview at the college, fingers crossed. She is very nervous because the last interview she had at college went badly and shesworried this will go the same but I am hoping that her portfollios and predicted A level results will hold her in good sted and she will get on the course.  Well until next week..........Nicky x
Apologies for the poor spelling and multitude of pics but its nice to share :)


  1. Hello! I left a comment on your last post about Nibbles! So pleased! (not about the vets bills though!) I wish you every success with your stall, I wish that I lived nearer!
    The mirror is stunning, no wonder Emma is pleased! Good luck to your daughter this afternoon, I really hope it goes well for her! suzie xxx

  2. Oh, that bag is the BOMB! I want it!!!! Good luck with the stall and thank you for posting all your terrific finds and fantastic ideas. I absolutely love the mirror and I'm sure that it was a BIG hit.

  3. Your work is wonderful ... love, love, love the bag (and mirror). Look forward to seeing what comes next, glad I found you. Very happy that your "little ones" are back where they belong!