Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Yesterday was exactly one week since our beloved Ferrets, Slinky and Nibbles went missing, we had, to be honest, given up hope of ever seeing them again.  However a miracle!  My husband phoned me up in tears the vets had an albino ferret (Nibbles) handed in, found by the library which is about half a mile away across some very busy roads. The good samaritan left a false name and address, would really liked to have thanked them personally.  Nibbles is covered in ticks and mites, very tired and has lost a few claws but apart from that in pretty good shape.  I can't tell you how delighted I am.  Sadly no sign of Slinky but with any luck she is somewhere safe.  My son and I picked her up from the vets she had  a bumper dose of tick and mite killer which should hopefully get rid of her itchiness and puffy little eyes.  Nibbles went straight into her little cage so she could sleep, eat, drink and generally recouperate and get back to the fiesty little girl she is. 

This pic was taken as we just put her in her cage. 
Welcome home Nib's!

My daughter said that last night she was making a sort of howling noise, I wish she could talk, I did wonder if she was trying to communicate with Slinky???  Anyway I shall go now before you think I am a complete lunatic ............... Nicky x


  1. Hurray!!!!!!!!!!! I am so chuffed for you and with a bit of luck Slinky might sense that Nibs is home and come back too. My fingers are firmly crossed for you.
    Hugs from Wales xx

  2. Oh Nicky, I just knew there was hope, I am so glad that you have found Nibbles! Thank goodness, and soon hopefully slinky will turn up too! suzie xxx