Thursday, April 22, 2010

For the love of two fur balls!

Day 1 -Well this week has started badly, our dear little fur balls (ferrets) Nibbles and Slinky have escaped from their cage.  It was an accident my son didn't close the cage door properly and they squeezed their was through a tiny gap at the top.  This was Sunday night we were alerted by our neighbours because their dogs scared them out of their garden, then they were seen bouncing down the street by some other neighbours who tried to grab them but they were too fast.  We spent a long time looking for them and eventually went to bed, very upset and worried, they are our 'girly girls'!
Day 2 - Next morning I spent an hour putting up posters all round the street, my daughter asked the vets to display one and the local shops and I phoned the local school just in case they got into the school grounds.  My husband got a phone call from a lady who said they had been playing on her decking the night they got out, they too had tried to grab them but to no avail, she offered to put some food and water out for them the next night to try and lure them back.  Meanwhile after work and school me and my son spent a good couple of hours knocking on doors and searching in sheds and behind a row of flats at the bottom of the street.  When it got dark we went out again and searched under hedges and in the local field in the hope that we might spot them.  My husband then went out on his bike for a few hours to see if he could spot them but again to no avail. 
Day 3 - We are sort of resigned to the fact that we may never see them again but they are lovely little girls, I do miss them and it breaks my heart that my 15 year old son who is so grown up, sobbed into my shoulder before school this morning, he loves them so much he is a real softy where animals are concerned and feels really bad but I keep telling him its not his fault it was an accident and they are soo inquisitive they will try to get out and nose around.  Are plan of action today is too spread our search and posters further afield, my husband says he won't stop searching for  a week and then will have to give up whatever the results.  We contacted the RSPCA and some other vets today just in case.  Will do a further search tonight with torches.
Day 4 - Got news that Nibbles was seen chasing a someones boyfriend down a street not far from ours at 3.30am this morning, no sign of Slink's, but then she is a darker colour so hopefully she was close by.  Have started a facebook group called 'Find our Ferrets' we have 22 members which is really good and lots of people are looking for us.  People are so understanding though and very helpful, local shop keepers, builders and gas men working outside said they would look out for them too, youngsters walking to school and older lads on the way back from the pub.  I will definately not read a book by its cover anymore.
Day 5 - No news today think they have probably reached the countryside by now so are roaming free, convinced my son they are having a whale of a time and will cope.  I will miss them though, have fun girls wherever you are!!! 
Today we decided that we would stop searching we have read up and the possibilities of them having survived for this long in the wild is now quite remote.  A lot of people aren't that keen on ferrets but to us they were great little pets with big personalities and we did love them dearly.......Nicky x


  1. I feel for you and your son...lost my cat many years ago and was heart broken for a long time, so know what you are going through.
    I think they could survive in this long as they can find some nibbles to eat.
    Fingers crossed they might still turn up.
    Hugs from Heike x

  2. Oh, that is so sad, I am sorry for you, it must be awful. I am an amimal lover myself , and understand completely how badly you must feel. I hope that there is still hope, and that you may still find them. Suzie xxx