Friday, March 5, 2010

Sunny March!

Yay, greeted by Sun two days in a row, dare I say Spring may be upon us?  I have been throwing myself into lots of projects, hoping this week to finish my 'Ugly Bag', this being crappy yarn I found in my stash that I couldn't bear to throw away so I made Granny Square bag.  Also working on crochet daffs, trumpet done, but having petal issues. 
Having had a really good idea for decorating my bedroom I have revised my plan, initially it involved lots of samples of wallpaper arranged in a patchwork design on one wall.  But the logistics of this amazing idea just didn't quite work out so I sorted through my, Homebase, B&Q and Laura Ashley samples to see which one I liked best, and guess what, hoping it might be a cheap option, NO it was a Laura Ashley!!!! I only need two rolls thank goodness, but still expensive. 
My plan of action is to start with the skirting boards, glossing etc.... hole filling and sanding down :( also think I need to line a couple of walls.  Then choose a 'white with a hint of' for the 3 plain walls, and do the fabulous but overpriced wallpaper on the 'bed' wall.  To save money I intend to look out for another carboot/charity shop lamp base to paint eggshell white, then hit Dunelm Mill for matching shades to go on the bedside tables and lastly, need to make a head board or alternatively save an unhappy looking one from a skip or carboot.  So I am praying to the gods of thrift and hoping I find said items for my project.
Anyway onwards and upwards.......till the next time Nicky xx


  1. Oh gosh Me too! Starting to think of getting on with painting, decorating etc., the promise of spring in the air always gives a bit of much needed zest! suzie xxx

  2. Sounds as if you are in one of your 'inventive' moods. Good luck with hunting for that headboard, or you could just make one out of 'chip-board' covering it with padding and some lovely fabric purchased in a fabric sale. If petal issue for crochet daffodil persists let me know and I e-mail you pattern.
    Love Heike x