Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lovely Mummy's Day!

What a beautiful day, sun is out, washing is gently blowing on the line, dogs are walked and the house is peaceful, (men are still in bed).  My day is another football Sunday, which I don't mind as I love watching my son take part in a sport he is passionate about, kick off is 1pm, 12.45 meet. So I have all morning to relax and crochet, yes crochet more granny squares for another Ugly Bag, which has been quite popular on Ravelry, so much so I have had requests for the pattern which I promise I will do.  Well best bit of today was my teenage boy getting up at 10am to give me my Mothers day cards and gift, and what a gift it was, a beautiful box of water colour pencils which I have only discovered recently, quite frankly didn't realised they existed and once I discovered my sons and had been playing around with them loved them, bless him for noticing.  He also cooked me a pre- match bacon buttie with tons of brown sauce, what a well trained boy I have! 

When I arrived pitch side my daughter presented me with her gift Florence & The Machines album Lungs which I have been after for ages.  She stays at her boyfriends house on Saturday nights, which is why I got my pressie later than usual and her boyfriend is also my sons football coach, its confusing but do try to keep up!

So to close:

  • A lovely spring day.

  • Good football weather.  His team won their match today so we had lots of very happy pitchside Mums.

  • Generous gifts from my lovely children.

  • And last but by no means least loads of quality crochet time. 
Now going to crochet and listen to my new album....have a great rest of the weekend, Nicky xx


  1. Hi Thanks had a good Mothers day and l can see you did too...lovely pressies you had

    Haven't forgotten you box of goodies but the move and finding lots of bits and pieces its getting bigger by the
    Hugs xx

  2. So glad you had lovely day, as did I. Now frantically trying to prepare for Shibori Weekend course in Germany and really worried that my German language skills are going to let me down. I have lived here for soooooooo long and all my knitting teaching knowledge is in English aaaarrrrgggghhhhh and HELP!!!

  3. sounds like a perfectly lovely day! take care and thank you for visiting! hugs, susan