Monday, March 29, 2010

Its Here...The Ugly Bag Cometh!

Yay, at last here it is the pattern for the Ugly Bag, hope its okay?

Ch – Chain
Trc – Treble Crochet
Sc – Single Crochet
FO – Fasten Off

Hook Size – 6mm for Aran (Dependent on yarn ply)

Bag consists of:
23 large Full Granny Squares for Bag.
6 Half Granny Squares for Bag.
18 sml Granny Squares for Handles.
⅓ of a metre of stiff fabric e.g. :( Curtain or Upholstery fabric)
Needle & Thread
Sharp fabric and yarn scissors.

NOTE: Use diagram as reference re: bag shape.

Large Granny Squares (23)
Magic Loop or:
Chain 6, sc to join, ch3, tr2x in ring, (ch2, 3tr) 3x, ch2 and sc into top of ch3.
Ch 4, (tr 3x into next ch2 space, ch 2, tr3x into same ch2 sp, ch1) 3x. Tr 3x, ch2, tr 2x, sc into top of ch3.
Ch1, dc into ch1 sp, dc into each tr to ch2sp, *dc 2x ch1, dc 2x into ch 2 sp, dc into next 3tr, dc into ch1 sp, dc into next 3tr* repeat from * to * 2x, dc into next 3tr sc into beg ch1.

Sml Granny Squares (18)
Magic Loop or:
Chain 6, sc to join, ch3, tr 2x in ring, (ch2, 3tr) 3x, ch2 and sc into top of ch3.

Half Granny Squares (6)
Ch4, tr2x into 4th chain from hook, ch 2, tr3x again into same 4th chain from hook turn.
Ch 3 tr 2x into bottom of ch3, ch1, tr 3x, ch2 tr3x into ch2sp, ch 1, tr 3x into top of last tr, turn.
Ch 3, tr 2x into bottom of ch3, ch1, tr3x into ch1sp, ch1, tr3x ch2 tr3x into ch2sp, ch1, tr3x into ch1sp, ch1, tr3x into top of last tr.

Chain a contrast piece of yarn for Button loop. (Choose length to suit button size).

Joining technique: Adaptation of flat braid technique by Priscilla Hewitt.
Choose equal amount of stitches, but ensure you always do corner loops.

Finishing off:
CUT A PIECE OF CARD (Indicated by broken lines in diagram) and use this as a template for the base of the bag, Using diagram to see where squares are joined to form base shape of bag.

Work up and around it in contrast colour, using the joining technique above (Use the arrows as guide to joining squares, I hope this make sense),

When bag is finally completed do a row of dc around the top to neaten edge. (Remove Card). Use same joining technique to join small squares for handles and again neaten edges by doing a dc round in contrast colour.

Lay out fabric and measure: using original card template + 2cm seam allowance for base, cut 1. Using card and crochet bag measure and calculate sizing, two pieces for larger part of bag body, and use the same process for two side pieces + 2cm seam allowance on each piece. Lay and pin/tack together and sew.
TIP:This can be tricky so be careful with you measurements before you start cutting fabric for inner, cut generously if necessary and put inside the crochet bag for fit before final stitching.
Idea: (An extra pocket for mobile phone etc…..can be added, depending on your sewing skill level. Just use your phone as a template cut fabric, with 2cm seam allowance all round, Turn over and sew one side down, turn in other 3 sides and sew direct onto one large piece of fabric).

Turn inside out and hand stitch round the top to attach to crochet bag.
*Leave a space for button loop, add loop, complete stitching.*

Handle: Using crochet pieces as template cut 2 pieces of fabric for handle inners, (this stops the handles stretching and adds strength), hem all the way round and then hand stitch to length on handle before attaching to bag.

I hand stitched directly onto bag using a running stitch crossed over for a secure finish.

Finally secure button on opposite side to loop, Fasten and your bag is finished.

I hope I have made this pattern as clear as possible?

I welcome any constructive feedback or questions regarding this pattern.

Enjoy making it and do please let me see pictures of your finished bag.


  1. Very nice pattern. I like the looks of this bag a lot and appreciate the fact you have shared it for FREE!

  2. First of all...NOT UGLY! Super cute! I want this bag for myself! LOL THanks for sharing

  3. You are wonderful for sharing you lovely patterns and I am hoping to find time to make this for myself. Have been down with flu but better now and getting ready for long weekend in London. Doing V&A Quilt exhibition, Portobello market, Thriller Live and lots of retail therapy and good food & wine.
    Have a great Easter. Hugs from Heike x

  4. it's actually kind of cute! have a nice day!

  5. Thanks for your comments. Ugly because the yarn was particularly 'crappy' but wanted to challenge myself to turning it into somthing of beautiful. Hope you have a go at making it it is really easy, honest!

  6. hehe ugly bag!! so not love it
    Thanks for the bargain congrats hehehe if no one else wants the auction stuff you get some terrific bargains
    Not wide enough for our bed shame! may end up another bench for sale or we keep it and sell the other one lol
    Hugs Suz x

  7. I think you did a great job. Would have never known it was your first. I like the colors also But I like earth tones. I am teaching myself to crochet so thanks for the free pattern I will be making this. GREAT JOB!!!

  8. I love your "ugly bag"! Although I beg to differ on it's ugliness, LOL. It's the sweetest grannyish bag I've ever seen. Doing it now for my godson's mother. In TMA Yarns French Lavender ( L8-819 ). I must say the closer I get to finishing these squares, the less I'm wanting to part with this bag. Making a matching cellphone case to attach to bag. And lining it with a lilac/light lavender knitted cloth. Will definitely send you pictures when I'm all done. Thanks sooooo much for the pattern.

    1. Sorry for delay in replying, thanks so much for your comment I can't wait to see the finished result it sounds delicious. Are you on Ravelry if so let me know I am there as alifelikevera so add me and then I can see your project.
      Have fun xx

    2. Dee Gonzalez29.3.12

      Okay, due to issues with the mother (about unresolvable stuff) I never became the godmother and hence never finished the bag. In fact, I'm currently doing this bag for my newly turned 14 year old (she turned 14 on the 26th). I'm doing it in a navy tmy yarn and a pink unknown brand I got from Michael's. I can't stand pink but I couldn't pass up the price. Drumroll please... it was less than $1 for 2 skeins that were approximately 1 lb. without any coupons. Ohhhh, that was a lucky day. Anyway I've got about 25 or so pieces left to do... as soon as I finish this beauty I'll send you her pic. Etf: tuesday the 3rd of April. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, seems my life's been one rollercoaster ride after the other since the year started. Having faith it'll get
      better. Crocheting's keeping me sane!!!