Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fledgling flying the nest!

Apologies I have promised a pattern and will get there in the end I just want it to be perfect and completely understandable. 
My daughter has just informed me she has only six weeks left until she leaves school for good.  It will be a sad yet happy occasion, sad because she has spent all her teenage life at this school and formed great relationships with some of her teachers and a few friends.  Happy, because she won't be sad to see the back of the brown noser's and clic's that form some part of school life.  Never one to 'suffers fools gladly' she has always stuck up for herself , if she doesn't agree with somthing she will voice her opinions, which I have always encouraged as long as she is polite about it and  if proven wrong admits defeat, which she does.  This hasn't made her popular with some teachers who still live in the dark ages and believe teens are not entitled to an opinion, also some of her fellow pupils spend most of their time sucking up they don't care who they tread on to get to their goal which is not an attractive trait.  Unfortunatley my daughter had an unfortunate year group, too many very immature boys and  'clic'y' girls.
It is quite a worry as a parent when your child is about to leave school for good it is almost like a protective blanket is being removed and your baby has to fend for themselves, but she has a plan lets just hope the gods are looking down on her and she gets the results she wants from her A Levels enjoys her new adventure at college next school year and goes on to a productive and enjoyable career.
We thats me for today, would love to hear about anyone else's experience of fledglings flying the nest....Nicky x


  1. thank you for your blog visit.. both fledglings are away at the moment.. but due to return next week! The house is very quiet.... it feels like the lull before the storm in the nicest possible way!!! xx

  2. I hope I sent my comment? I will check back later, it seemed to just disappear! suzie xxx

  3. No it didn't get here! Here goes again! I think that your daughter will do wonderfully well due to the support and encouragement that you so obviously have given to her.. to be true to herself, have values, and go through life in a fair and open way. Suzie. xxx