Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crafty Lovliness!

Well I have had a busy time,since my last post.  Still working on 'said' bag pattern.  I also had a day at the Stitch & Craft Show well I was working actually. One aspect of my job that I love, is going to lots of fab craft shows.  Anyway I had a chance to 'mooch' and came across a guy demonstrating decopatch.  Well my heart skipped a beat, the lovely Lucy of Attic24 had demonstrated this herself on her blog and I had been somewhat intrigued with this activity.  Well I was well and truly hooked once I saw it in the flesh and went off to purchase my decopatch kit,which consists of special glue/varnish, papers and a little brush.  
I had just the project my sewing table. 
(Picture below shows my magpie store of trimmings, buttons and general lovliness)!

Said sewing table in dire need of transformation and  set to work as soon as I got home from the show,

I am going to do a patriotic red, white and blue 70's/80's esq patchwork, reminds me when I went to the
Silver Jubilee street party when I was young, we all had to wear red, white and blue.  Needless to say fashion wasn't quite what it is now!  
So as you can see this is my progress up to last Saturday afternoon:

Latest update is table top finished now just the rest of the table to paint a nice fresh white egg shell.  I will post a pic of finished table when done.
Another exciting event is we on FOSS (The Friends of Sele School), of which I am treasurer, are going to have a craft market this summer, I am sooooo excited I could wee, (eww sorry about that).  The lovely Caroline suggested it and I offered to help, will keep everyone posted and if anyone fancies displaying their crafty lovlies and are within the vicinity of Hertford, SG1 postcode area, watch this space for details.
Well I am off to explore the possibilities of sellable crafts.....have a wonderful rest of the week, Nicky x


  1. Oh I saw this over on attic 24 too...and love the look of it...
    I don't think it is available in australia thou...
    I love the colour you have chosen...

  2. Hi Nicki, this looks lovely and what a great idea. I seem to have the identical twin of a sewing box on wheels in my house (inherited from my Grandma)and mine looks just as sad in her brown coat. I think I might have to copy you ;-))
    I am off to Make do and knit in Liverpool this weekend...can't wait
    Hugs from me x

  3. Love it! The sewing table is so sweet! Can't wait to see it finished! suzie xxx